Powerful Photo Booth Software

Vert Photography is proud to present "BOOTHEEZ™" a fully customizable software solution for corporate or event photo booths. The software is designed for ease of use and customer experience. The interface and booth enclosure design is entirely customizable.

BOOTHEEZ™ is a powerhouse for data capture and client leads in a corporate or public exhibition setting. It's fun, interactive and social. BOOTHEEZ™ has already sent 10,000's of images to satisfied customers around the world!

Get engaged. Get interactive. Get social.

Check out some of the features below and contact us for a presentation.

& Much More!

All of this is just a snapshot of what "BOOTHEEZ™" photo booth software can do. We didn't even mention the quality of the photos from a compatible NIKON or CANON camera, customizable image effects and green screen capabilities.

BOOTHEEZ™ was made for ease of use and experience. Great for a showroom, trade show or museum exhibit, where reliability and simplicity are key. To get more information and a detailed presentation about the BOOTHEEZ™ system just contact us!

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